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Dark Cloak
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    Waterproof Camo Jacket
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    Cobra Jacket
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    Detachable Hood
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    Jacket Shell
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    Enshadower Heterogeneous Jackets
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    Enshadower x Comback Jackets
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    Brand Introduction

    An original techwear clothing brand founded by several college students who liked to fly in 2012. The original intention of ENSHADOWER hider was to provide street sports enthusiasts with comfortable and techwear clothing. The brand design style has transparent futuristic color, technical sense, and function. Sports elements are also skillfully and skillfully combined with fashion sense, fully showing contemporary young people's interests, fashion concepts, and life attitudes.

    Brand Story

    The founder, Li Yichao, liked the extreme sports of Fixed Gear (Dead Fly) when he was in college, and he studied clothing design. He expressed some of his ideas and attitudes throughout his carrier, so he founded the ENSHADOWER brand.

    The original intention of ENSHADOWER since its establishment is to provide street sports enthusiasts with comfortable and functional clothing, and has been committed to promoting street culture such as FIXED GEAR, sneakers, etc., and has cooperated with major domestic famous SNEAKER websites, among which the launch of Many representative trousers, sportswear, and other products have become well-known emerging brands in China.

    The 4 Items That Defined Enshadower

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    Techwear EDC includes accessories of many categories such as tactical bags/masks/belts.


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