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Techwear/Darkwear Drop Crotch Pants

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P30A - Samurai Pants
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Samurai Pants
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Samurai Pants
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Cropped Samurai Pants
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    Cropped Samurai Pants
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    Techwear/Darkwear Drop Crotch Pants


    These drop-crotch pants are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. They offer a high waist fit, which makes them ideal for wearing under dresses or skirts. The material is 100% polyester, so it's soft but not see-through or clingy. There are three additional pockets on the front, one on each side, and a zipper at the bottom hemline that allows you to adjust how tight or loose your pants will be when worn over other garments like shirts or sweaters.

    - Thermore Insulation

    Thermore Insulation

    The high-tech fabric of these pants is made from a proprietary blend of polyester and elastane that provides warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and water-repellency. This makes them ideal for all weather conditions – from the coldest winter day to the hottest summer day. The fabric has been coated with Nano Coating (a technology developed by NASA) for improved protection against wind chill; Micro Sanding treatment helps repel dirt/dust build-up, and Gusseted Crotch construction to make them slim fit around your waistline.

    - Water Repellent Nano Coating, Micro Sanding

    • Water Repellent Nano Coating

    The water-repellent nano-coating is a new technology that repels moisture and keeps you dry. The pants will not absorb water, keeping your legs dry for longer.

    • Micro Sanding

    The pants have been micro-sanded down the backside, which means they have extra grip on wet surfaces so you can climb up and down steps without slipping or sliding down in the rain!

    No more wet pants! No more wet shoes! And best of all: no more damp socks while wearing them too :)

    - Gusseted Crotch, High Waisted Fit

    • Gusseted Crotch, High-Waisted Fit
    • Drop Crotch Pants
    • Black Drop Crotch Pants
    • Men's Harem Pants with Taslan Nylon Fabric and Thermore Insulation for Comfort and Performance in Warm Weather Conditions. These are great outdoor sports like hiking, camping, or fishing. They have water-repellent nano-coating, which prevents water from penetrating into the material, making them resistant to stains and ultraviolet rays so that you can enjoy wearing them even when the weather gets rough.

    - Front Welt Pockets, Back Panel Pocket

    The front and back pockets are made of a durable canvas, which makes them water-resistant.

    Zippers on the front and back pockets are functional, but they also look good as decorative elements since they have skulls on them.

    - Main Zipper, Side Zippers Detail

    The main zipper is on the side of your pants, and it can be used to quickly adjust your pants. This is an excellent feature because you don't have to take off your belt or any other accessories before putting on your pants. The side zipper also makes it easy for you to put on or take off your pants, depending on your available time. It also helps when trying to sit down; if there are no pockets in which you can put your phone or keys, then this zipper will allow access without having those items fall out of their holder!

    The main zipper has two functions: decorative and functional. You can use it just like any other zipper at home (i.e., opening doors). Still, sometimes we need more than just opening up our clothing items—we may want them closed so that no one sees what's inside! That's where decorative features come into play...

    Drop Crotch Pants

    Drop crotch pants are one of the most practical and versatile pieces of clothing, but they can be hard to find. When you want an easy fit that's still fashionable, these men's harem pants are for you. They feature a drop crotch construction with Taslan nylon fabric and Thermore insulation (a layer of material that helps keep your body warm), making them both stylish and functional!

    The water-repellent nano-coating on these drop-crotch pants prevents moisture from collecting in the material. At the same time, micro sanding gives them a smooth surface so no dirt will get stuck between stitches. The high-waisted fit ensures maximum mobility while maintaining comfort during those long days at work or school; whether you're climbing ladders or sitting down all day in the library—these pants will keep up with whatever task comes along!


    We hope you have enjoyed reading about our favorite styles for men's drop-crotch pants. These pants are the perfect way to add style and comfort to your closet, so don't hesitate to get yours today!

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