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Jiye Heavy Industry Socks
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The best Techwear socks

The style is made up of details. Use Techwear clothing socks to add a finishing touch to Techwear clothing. Perfectly matched with sports shoes, overalls, or shorts, our Techwear clothing socks are made of elastic and breathable materials, which are comfortable to wear.

These socks can be sold in pairs or sets and are designed in an urban style. Available in solid colors or streetwear patterns, from classic black to fluorescent colors, they are essential accessories to match your Techwear shoes and complete your cyberpunk style.

Various styles of socks

Who has never dreamed of having a pair of socks for every piece of clothing, the perfect pair for every situation? Adjust your socks according to your style. Our unisex socks are perfect for adding a missing touch to your style.

There are many styles to choose from to suit your dress of the day. Suitable for sports and daily wear, they keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

Warm woolen socks

Are you looking for socks to welcome the winter and wear your Techwear boots comfortably? Our organic wool men's and women's socks are just what you need. Black, white, or even red, they will keep you warm in the cold winter and avoid uncomfortably rubbing your ankles when you wear high boots.

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