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BENJOY Techwear Mask

$90.00 $44.00
BENJOY Techwear Mask
BENJOY Techwear Mask
BENJOY Techwear Mask
BENJOY Techwear Mask
BENJOY Techwear Mask

BENJOY Techwear Mask

$90.00 $44.00

BENJOY Techwear Mask


Using a new type of breathable fly-woven mesh fabric to increase the breathability of the face, the appearance of Black and bright lustre, full of calm and restrained gas. The inner layer is made of red sports cold fabric to adjust the internal temperature and humidity, and the circular PU veneer ensures the sealing of the mask and reduces the leakage rate of the mask. Filter cotton is an ultra-low resistance filter cotton that the state has tested. The suction resistance can reach 50pa, and the filtration efficiency can be higher than 95%. Both aspects can get the industry priority and are much higher than pm2.5 The national standard Huai and the wearing method of the mask is head-mounted. This wearing method reduces the pressure on the ears, and a more comfortable mask wearing experience is created.

  • Built-in Skeleton: built-in pp nylon material skeleton, increase the toughness of the structure, soft and fit the face
  • Cold-sensing Fabrics: Adapt to various climates, through thermal imaging experiments, it is proved that it is more comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly, easy to clean and care for, and once it presents fashionable characteristics and a sense of movement
  • Techwear Mask
  • Built-in Breathing Valve: It is attached to the mouth and nose, and the principle of air duct drainage is used to accelerate the circulation of breathing gas. Relieve stuffy heat, promote breathing circulation, and create a smoother breathing experience.

Precautions: During severe haze weather, it is recommended to replace the filter cotton every 3-5 days. 15 hours, 1 hour for one-way outdoor use, 2 hours for round-trip use. It is recommended to replace the filter with a new one if the odour or damage occurs. 

  • Weight: Product gross weight 50g
  • Material: Polyester fabric, 4-layer composite filter element, protein leather, etc.
  • Be applicable: adult
  • Contains: Mask*1, skeleton*1, breathing wide cover*1, silicone sheet*1, low-resistance filter cotton*2

*Due to different batches, product packaging may be other if there is any adjustment without notice.


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