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1. Will there be a problem with the quality of the clothing?

There are too many similar sites selling the same clothes, but you can't be sure that the clothes you buy from them are of the same quality. Tchwear-x Resolutely put 100% energy into each product to ensure that each product is worthy of the price.

2. Is it Free Shipping?

The answer is Ye, but only standard Shipping method.

3. What is the difference between the two shipping methods?

How long is the delivery time?

If you choose Standard Shipping, we will select a logistics provider with a slower delivery speed, generally within three weeks.

If you choose Expedited Shipping, we will select a logistics provider with a faster delivery speed, and the available delivery time is within two weeks.

*Notice: Transportation Time = Order Processing Time + Shipping Time + Delivery Time

The Order Processing Time is generally 3-5 days. We need to check the products you purchased one by one to ensure that they are correct.

The Shipping Time is generally 5-8 days. It takes time to deliver the order package to the logistics provider, clears the container, transports it, and remove the customs after arriving at the destination.

The Delivery Time is generally 1-3 days, depending on the local logistics situation of the consignee.

4. Is it DropShipping?

It is very responsible for telling you that x is Not Dropshipping. Each of our products is personally responsible for the manufacturer, and we have formulated strict production quality standards for the manufacturers. Even though some products are designed the same as AliExpress, our original intention is to provide good quality clothes to everyone.

5. Is it support returns and refunds?

Full refunds are available until the order has been delivered to the shipping courier. There is no refund while the order is in transit and has not been delivered to the recipient. After the order is signed, if it needs to be returned and refunded due to quality/size and other issues, after negotiating with customer service, the refunder needs to pay the logistics cost of the returned order. After we receive the returned order, we will process the total amount refund.

6. Does it support exchange?

Yes. When you need to exchange products due to size/quality issues, please note that the logistics costs of the products that need to be exchanged and the logistics costs of the traded products sent to the user need to be paid by the user.

7. Where is the store address?

Let me tell you sincerely and confidently that we are a Chinese seller, and our office is located in South Starry, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

8. More Questions?

Please go to the Contact us to fill in the form. We are happy to receive any suggestions and questions and answer you patiently.