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Techwear With Molle System

Second-generation Cargo Trousers
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Lightweight Vest
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    J79-GT Jackets
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    Cargo Shorts
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    Tactical Molle Shirt
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    3-in-1 Ski Jumpsuit
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    Double Shape Pants
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    Molle System

    How Does MOLLE Work?

    The MOLLE system allows you to attach various tools, knives, magazine bags, and other equipment to Techwear Backpacks, Techwear Vests, and Techwear Pants. We will introduce Molle's usage principles to you so that you can understand them more deeply.

    The Rationale bBehind MOLLE

    Don't let this friendly-sounding name fool you. MOLLE stands for "modular, lightweight load-bearing equipment" and means business. A row of heavy-duty nylon fabric PALS is short for "Pouch Attachment Ladder System." It is often sewn onto backpacks and backpacks, weight vests, and other gear so you can easily attach MOLLE bags and accessories to your equipment. For security, it supports adaptive mobile access.

    Using the MOLLE system, you can attach these and other items to your gear:

    • Magazine and grenade pouch
    • Canteen operator
    • First aid kits (including military-style "personal first aid kits" or IFAKs)
    • Maintenance bag
    • D-rings for slings and other gears
    • Leather case
    • Universal gear bag in all sizes

    How to Use the Molle System

    Your MOLLE accessory system may consist of smooth Stick® or MOLLE-specific straps designed to connect and weave between the device you want to add accessories to. These sticks snap firmly, holding your attachment in place.

    Follow the steps below to connect your MOLLE device to a compatible Techwear platform:

    1. Choose a location to connect your gear. If you're following the SOP, you already have a plan - but if you're free to choose where your gear is based on the most straightforward way, try placing the MOLLE bag on top of a backpack or other gear to determine the best configuration, then Install anything again.
    2. Grab the end of the strap and attach the snaps, then thread the rocker through the bottom row of nylon webbing that the MOLLE attachment will align with, snap-side up.
    3. Thread a stick or strap through the first row of nylon webbing on the back of the attachment and tighten as you go. Continue threading the joystick through the webbing on the device and accessories until only the top snaps or buttons remain.
    4. If your attachment includes multiple straps, repeat this process for each stick until the entire extension is secure.
    5. Once the attachment is precisely where you want it, secure the snaps or buttons to ensure your gear stays in place.

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