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Why Do We Make This Decision?

As you can see, many similar techwear sites on the Internet sell similar techwear, and the price of the same clothes is high or low, but you will find that the reasoning of "you get what you pay for" doesn't seem to work here. Once you search for those so-called techwear site names with reviews, the results are the bad reviews you see everywhere.

Therefore, we insist on matching the best materials at the most suitable prices in response to this phenomenon. But because you, as consumers, may not see the composition of the various costs behind the selling price, we made a decision:

Publicize the product pricing composition of our website. And you need to know that we only make a 10% profit for every item we sell.

List of Components of Pricing

The selling price of the product needs to take into account the costs behind each item. At present, the various costs of product pricing on our website are mainly composed of the following five costs:

Purchasing Cost (because we want to provide the most cost-effective products, we decided to set the ratio at 45%)

Logistics Cost (the cost of the beginning and end of the logistics, about 27%)

Labour Cost (As the name suggests, we currently have three team members, accounting for 5% of the cost)

Cost of Return and Exchange (generally, the cost of return and business in the clothing industry accounts for 8%)

Other Costs (such as website maintenance, transaction fees, equipment purchase fees, etc., accounting for 5% of the cost)

The above five costs are the components of various costs. All costs add up to 90%, and the remaining 10% is profit.

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