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Read our unique understanding of techwear.


Techwear is a subculture that started in the 90s and has grown into a worldwide trend. It's defined as clothing made for working, with specific styles and cuts inspired by military and science fiction movies. The origins of techwear can be traced back to the early 2000s when it first began to emerge from the underground culture of Tokyo. This new style was born out of necessity – people needed to find practical ways to get work done while maintaining a stylish look simultaneously. These days, techwear faces have become much more accessible than they were back then thanks in part to brands like UNDERCOVER (who launched their line) but also thanks to high-quality, affordable brands like FUCT, who offer fantastic quality products at an affordable price point

What is techwear?

Techwear is a clothing style that incorporates technology elements into the design. It's not just about the clothes but also about attitude and culture.

It's all about what you can do with your techwear items, whether they are shoes or jackets or hats, or anything in between! Do you see what I mean? If you want to wear leather pants but don't know how to sew them yourself, then we have some tips below on how to get started learning how!

Techwear is a lifestyle: Some people have been wearing techwear since before we even knew what "techwear" was; some have started wearing it recently because their friends got them hooked on this remarkable new thing called "techwear." Everyone has their own ideas about what makes up good quality techwear—and everyone else should respect yours because when everyone agrees on something, there must be something right!

The origin of techwear

The origin of techwear is a mix of military, outdoor, and athletic clothing. The 2000s were a time when people were starting to take their fashion more seriously. It was also the age when technology became more ubiquitous in our lives. This led to interest from those who wanted something that could be worn with comfort while still looking good—and there you have it!

Affordable Techwear brands

  • Enshadower
  • Reindee Lusion
  • Nosucism
  • Silenstorm (Nosucism's sister brand)
  • Croxx (a small brand specializing in selling techwear on a budget) * Pupil Travel is another affordable option. Still, it's not quite as popular as some other brands on this list.

Choosing your techwear look

Before you can choose a techwear look, it's essential to think about what your priorities are. You want to choose something functional, comfortable, stylish, and fashionable. Make sure the outfit fits your lifestyle—if you have to go in late at night for work, for example, then perhaps something more formal will be appropriate.

Choose something versatile so that it can be worn both in the office or out on the town; this way, you're not stuck wearing one specific piece all day long! And finally: choose an outfit that is unique enough so as not to draw unnecessary attention from other people around you (especially if they're wearing similar clothes).

Where to buy techwear

If you're looking for techwear brands, here's where to find them:

  • The best way to buy techwear is in person. Most of the brands offer shows and sample sales, so you can try on the clothes yourself before buying them. You'll also have access to the designers and their team members who can help you make your purchases decision-wise (and possibly even give some advice).
  • However, if that's not an option for whatever reason—may be because store hours aren't convenient or there isn't one nearby—you should be able to find these items online! Instagram has become an excellent place for discovering new things like this; just search "techwear" or "techy" (without quotes) and see what pops up! YouTube is another great resource as well; type in "techy" into one of its search bars and see how many videos come up . . .

What is techwear fashion?

Techwear is a style of clothing that originated in Japan but has since spread to other countries around the globe. The term "tech wear" was coined by Mark Vanhoenacker, founder of Tokyo-based label Visvim. Techwear fuses elements from traditional workwear with cutting-edge technology and sports utility clothing.

Techwear items can range from simple T-shirts to sportswear pieces like vests and shorts. Some brands have even begun producing entire collections dedicated to techwear staples like jackets and pants made from durable materials such as nylon or Polyurethane (PU).

How to get into techwear

While techwear can initially seem intimidating, there are ways to get into the trend without spending a fortune.

First, make sure you're buying authentic gear from a reputable source. If you're looking for an expensive jacket or pair of pants and someone is selling them online for less than $100 (or less), don't buy it! It would help if you also were wary about buying items that aren't made by brands with good reputations for quality control.

Second: don't buy fake techwear! It's easy enough to spot counterfeit items because they won't look as nice or last as long as the real thing; besides being tacky and tacky-looking (and potentially damaging your sense of fashion), they might not even work properly either—or worse yet, they could cause injury if you wear them while working out in gym clothes like spandex shorts instead of leggings worn underneath pants explicitly designed for exercise purposes only.

How to wash techwear 

Techwear is a high-maintenance clothing item, so you want to ensure that it's washed in cold water and dried on low heat. It would help if you didn't iron your techwear either—that will damage the fabric and cause it to fade faster.


Regarding techwear, it's important to remember that the style doesn't have to be expensive. Some affordable brands out there can give you all the benefits of this new trend without breaking the bank. You may even save money by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales! The bottom line is that finding a great-looking piece of clothing doesn't have to cost an arm and leg either—it just takes time and effort!

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