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Hardmade Comback Mask

Hardmade Comback Mask
Hardmade Comback Mask
Hardmade Comback Mask
Hardmade Comback Mask
Hardmade Comback Mask
Hardmade Comback Mask

Hardmade Comback Mask


Hardmade x Comback Techwear Mask

This mask is a techwear concept product, the design mainly expresses the idea of the future and conceptual structuralism. Please do not compare with general gas masks/masks and other products, there are few products on the market that can compare with them.

  • Cool Black
  • Thermoplastic resin material, dust filter
  • Techwear Mask
  • NOTICE: When you use it for the first time, the smell is strong, if you mind, buy it carefully.


  • 1- Put the wind and dust filter cotton, with the pressure line side up, and align with the position of the circular hole of the filter cotton and the panel.
  • 2- Put the part of the ventilation device as shown in the figure to fix the cotton filter.
  • 3- As shown in the figure, the opening of the nose pad, locks on the panel.

This mask is specially designed for urban cycling and techwear/darkwear enthusiasts. It is not a substitute for medical masks or gas masks. Please use them separately.


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