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Reindee Lusion Techwear brandReindee Lusion Techwear brand
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RL Samurai Pants
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  • Balck
RL Kimono Coat
Regular price$110.00$105.00
  • Black
MA1 Jackets
Regular price$160.00$140.00
  • Black
RL Washed T-shirt
Regular price$52.00
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
RL Smaug Shirt
Regular price$132.00$98.00
  • Black
RL 3D Cut Pants
Regular price$146.00$100.00
  • Black
RL Denim Jacket
Regular price$140.00
  • Black
RL Backpack Vest
Regular price$110.00
    RL 3-in-1 Ski Jumpsuit
    Regular price$280.00
    • Black
    RL Dual Shape Pants
    Regular price$124.00
    • Black
    • Grid Army Green
    RL Harem Pants
    Regular price$130.00
    • Black
    RL Mock Tees
    Regular price$70.00
    • Black
    RL Steven Pants
    Regular price$125.00$99.00
    • Black
    RL Multi-pleated Pants
    Regular price$139.00$106.00
    • Black
    RL Abeloth Sweater
    Regular price$125.00$90.00
    • Black
    RL 2IN1 Jackets
    Regular price$215.00
    • Black
    Water Repellent Shorts
    Regular price$120.00
    • Black
    Waterproof Shorts
    Regular price$88.00
    • Black
    Turtleneck Shirts
    Regular price$79.00
    • Black
    Waterproof Kimono
    Regular price$117.00
    • Black
    • Olive + Black
    Cargo Bag T-shirt
    Regular price$55.00
    • Black
    • Olive
    Waterproof Tang Suit
    Regular price$118.00
    • Black
    Tactical Vest Bag
    Regular price$105.00
    • Black

    Reindee Lusion - Affordable Chinese Techwear Brand

    Brand Building

    Founded in 2013, Reindee Lusion is a techwear brand in China. Designer Gary Kwong met Bosco at a university event, and they built their own brand because of typical values ​​and spiritual pursuits. It aims to concretize the tracing image and make techwear for "Urbanite."

    Brand Positioning

    After seven years of experience, Reindee Lusion insists on functional and practical performance as the label of performance clothing and has successfully created techwear such as 098, 057, which are loved by people in the techwear circle.

    Techwear first needs to consider the wearer's comfort, and then in order to reveal the attributes of clothing, Reindee Lusion uses the diversity of clothing design symbols and promotes functional technology, techwear designers use simple deconstructed design and the concept of "technology" to show the product's philosophy, allowing the wearer to enjoy unlimited lifestyles in different environments; and concisely redefines "techwear".

    Brand Evolution

    In 2013, the first batch of Techwear received an unsatisfactory response from the market. However, RL is not affected by the failure, learning from the beginning, that is brand building, team running, communication with the factory. Because of this, RL derives its answer from analysis and summarization.

    1 year later, inspired by the structure of the building, we tried to incorporate the elements of "line structure" and "three-dimensional stack" into the design, and keep these ideas until now.

    As the core direction of RL's techwear, "Urban Function" uses themes such as "Cubism", "Reorganization" and "URBANITE" to precisely describe the building structure; and establishes exceptional design thinking; conveys the ideas of "Technology" and "Urban Walker".

    The product carries the designer's thoughts. From the artistic level, fashion design and architectural design have infinite possibilities on the creative level: focus on real needs; enrich the available design content that can be found in daily life.

    Even if the road of Techwear in the future is full of bumps, RL will still shoulder the original intention to create Urban Explorer clothing belonging to China.

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