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Strucyural Kimono
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  • Black
Dye Denim Kimono
Regular price$49.00
  • Gray
Ninja Taoist Robe
Regular price$110.00$63.00
    Ninja Shawl Cloak
    Regular price$100.00$57.00
      Darkwear Robe Kimono
      Regular price$90.00$54.00
      • Black
      Circle Robe
      Regular price$90.00$45.00
      • Black
      Cardigan Robe
      Regular price$125.00$72.00
      • Grey
      22AW 4.0 Kimono
      Regular price$100.00$76.00
      • Black
      AIR BORNE Robes
      Regular price$170.00$90.00
      • Black
      • Gray
      "生人勿近" Robe Kimono
      Regular price$90.00$45.00
      • Black
      Reflective Robes
      Regular price$70.00$54.00
      • Black


      What is Techwear Kimono?

      Kimono originates from Japan and is a Traditional Japanese Dress. Today, many clothing enthusiasts who pursue performance have endowed kimono with multi-functional attributes and humanistic design, so Techwear Kimono was born.

      How to Choose Techwear Kimono?

      Techwear Kimono, as a must-have item for Techwear Ninja Outfits, has always been favored by techwear fans. However, the division of its products in the clothing market has always been very polarized. For example, our Heavy Industry is actually a typical Adolescent Delusions style, and its audience is usually people who like the cool appearance of cyberpunk. The Techwear Kimono of RL and WHYWORKS has a calm and rational design, with cyberpunk and spiritual subtlety.

      So, if you like gorgeous appearance and explosive visual look and feel, Darkwear/Warcore is definitely the first choice, and its representative brand is Heavy Industry.

      If you like cool and rational design, then our WHYWORKS/SILENSTORM/RL/ENSHADOWER and other techwear brands are all good choices.

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