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Urban Ninja

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TW Mountain Trousers
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TW Tactical Straps Pants
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Circle Robe
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Croxx Shirts
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Jiye Heavy Industry Hoodies
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Ninja Taoist Robe
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    Jiye Heavy Industry Socks
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    Heavy Industry Hooded Sweater
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    Darkwear Poncho
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    Baseball Cap
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    Basic Cargo Trouser
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    Fish Mouth Sweater
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    Black Darkwear Jackets
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    What is Ninja?

    Ninja originated from Japan and is a particular occupation. The simple explanation is that in ancient Japan, a specific war killer and extraordinary war spy were produced by special "Ninjutsu training" by a particular organization. It presents in the form of a "factional organizational unit," similar to a "spy."

    Many people always think that ninjas appear in black clothes and masks every time they go out on a mission, but they are influenced by the "materialization" of martial arts novels and movies. This black outfit isn't always called a "ninja uniform," either. The ordinary people in ancient Japan often wore this kind of blackwork clothes when they were working. It was old Japanese work clothes. And when the ninja can efficiently perform the personal needs of the task when the night is quiet, they especially wear these black-dyed work clothes, and there are some special modifications on the work clothes to meet the needs of the task and combat.

    Formation of Urban Ninja

    In today's fashion design, many schools are deeply influenced by subcultures, and their designs and concepts are biased towards oriental design aesthetics. For example, the ancient oriental design aesthetic concept of harmony between man and nature, just in line with the new aesthetic vision of the information age, should be based on the requirements of the sustainable development goals of people, machines (products), nature, and society. Some of us love Japanese ninjas, but they cannot become ninjas because of their solidified ninja spirit. Urban Ninja is naturally born when everyone is making breakthroughs and innovations.

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